Beginning of the End

Fourth week already? It feels like school just started. This worries me.

Well this is it, my last and final semester at LCAD. I still remember my first day at LCAD, green,hopeful, and full of vigor. Now I’m an old jaded, bitter, designer. Ok, well not the so much the bitter part. Yes. No. Maybe. In all seriousness, I have learned a great deal these past 3 years being here and I’m sure (to the 5 of you who read this blog and thanks who do, you know who you are) you will learn a great deal as well.

To all the incoming LCAD graphic designers, welcome! I didn’t mean to sound so pessimistic in the beginning, but the process of life is we all start as naive young bloods and through the years of mistakes, lessons, and maturity we become wise designer badasses. At least that’s what I like to think.
My biggest advice to you, which I wish someone told me (someone probably did but I was too naive to listen anyways), is not to be afraid to going big and taking chances. What do I mean by that? It means to try crazy ideas! Do things that you wouldn’t think would fly in a real world sense. Your time in school is the time where you can do the things you want and if they don’t work out, no worries, cause this is a learning experience. You have the rest of your life to play it safe in the job world where you won’t always get yo do the things you want. Push ideas further and if anything, your teachers will know when to reel you back from deep space.
And to those who have already been here, keep on the grind. You guys are doing some great work from what I’ve seen.

One other thing before I let you go back to your busy selfs is to submit your work for this years Rush Night which takes place on October 5th at 7PM on the Main Campus. If you’re too shy to submit work, it’s all good, come anyways to eat free food. Nothing better than that right? See Amber Jepson to submit your work or if it’s digital you can sent it to her email:

Sorry LAST thing for real: I would encourage you all to get a LinkedIn profile and join the LCAD Graphic Designers Group. It’s a great way to connect and keep in touch with your fellow classmates. Plus you can potentially get job opportunities through there.

I love the prospect of print and the digital world coming together and when they do, it’s a beautiful marriage. This project in the video below is perhaps the best example of this I’ve seen yet. I don’t have a clue what’s going on or what it’s for but it’s awesome, take a look.

Elektrobiblioteka / Electrolibrary from waldek wegrzyn on Vimeo.

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